Freight Class & Shipping Codes

Food & Beverage

LTL freight classifications for Food & Beverage include: Prepared Foodstuffs, Beverages, Spirits and Vinegar, Tobacco and Manufactured Tobacco Substitutes

Select a subcategory below to find the HS, Schedule-B, NAICS, NMFC©, SIC, End Use, USDA, HTS Tariff and other freight, commodity and industry specific classification and coding.

Whether you're shipping food or beverages in small packages or pallets by LTL freight, be sure to specify if excessive heat or freezing will damage product, or any special handling needed for perishable or fragile item.

16 Preparations of Meat, of Fish or of Crustaceans; Molluscs or Other Aquatic Invertebrates
17 Sugars and Sugar Confectionery
18 Cocoa and Cocoa Preparations
19 Preparations of Cereals, Flour, Starch or Milk; Bakers’ Wares
20 Preparations of Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts or Other Parts of Plants
21 Miscellaneous Edible Preparations
22 Beverages, Spirits and Vinegar
23 Residues and Waste from the Food Industries; Prepared Animal Feed (Fodder)
24 Tobacco and Manufactured Tobacco Substitutes