Freight Classes & Shipping Codes

Musical instruments, the sound of which is produced, or must be amplified, electrically (for example, organs, guitars, accordions).

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Select item from list to find Freight Class, HS Number, Schedule-B, HTS Tariff / Duty rates and other information for shipping Musical Instruments; Parts and Accessories of Such Articles.

Keyboard instruments, other than accordions
     └─ Music synthesizers:
9207.10.00.05           └─ Valued under $100 each
9207.10.00.10           └─ Valued $100 or over each
     └─ Other:
          └─ With more than one keyboard:
9207.10.00.45                └─ Valued under $200 each
9207.10.00.55                └─ Valued $200 or over each
          └─ With one keyboard:
9207.10.00.60                └─ Hand-held
               └─ Other:
9207.10.00.65                     └─ Valued under $100 each
9207.10.00.75                     └─ Valued $100 or over each
9207.90.00.40      └─ Fretted stringed instruments
9207.90.00.80      └─ Other