Freight Classes & Shipping Codes

Furskins and Artificial Fur; Manufactures Thereof

Select the heading below that best describes what type of Leather / Fur product is being shipped.

Note: Leather / Fur shipments under 150 lbs. may be shipped as parcels by common carrier such as UPS, Canpar Express and FedEx Express (over 150 lbs. use ShipNerd LTL Freight service).

4301Raw furskins (including heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings, suitable for furriers’ use), other than raw hides and skins of heading 41.01, 41.02 or 41.03.
4302Tanned or dressed furskins (including heads, tails, paws and other pieces or cuttings), unassembled, or assembled (without the addition of other materials) other than those of heading 43.03.
4303Articles of apparel, clothing accessories and other articles of furskin.
4304Artificial fur and articles thereof.