Freight Class & Shipping Codes


LTL freight classifications for Vehicles include: Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels and Associated Transport Equipment

Select a subcategory below to find the HS, Schedule-B, NAICS, NMFC©, SIC, End Use, USDA, HTS Tariff and other freight, commodity and industry specific classification and coding.

If shipping internationally, be sure to check any import/export restrictions related to vehicles, aircraft, transportation equipment and vessels.

86 Railway or Tramway Locomotives, Rolling Stock and Parts Thereof; Railway or Tramway Track Fixtures and Fittings and Parts Thereof; Mechanical (Including Electro-mechanical) Traffic Signaling Equipment of All Kinds
87 Vehicles Other than Railway or Tramway Rolling-stock, and Parts and Accessories Thereof
88 Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Parts Thereof
89 Ships, Boats and Floating Structures