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What is a TSCA form and do I need one?

You may need to certify that the commodity being shipped to or from the USA is in compliance with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

It may sound complicated, but for most shipments, it’s not. 

US Customs may request certification that the chemical substance in your shipment is in compliance with the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). A negative certification is required for many commonly shipped goods. It really comes down to what specifically is being shipped. For example, if you are shipping a guitar into the United States, you may be required to complete a TSCA certification depending on the construction (solid or composite wood) and finish of the guitar. 

Need a TSCA certification form? Click here to download a blank pdf. You should include a copy in a label/document pouch adhered to your shipment. 

Nerd Tip! Always monitor the progress of your shipment(s) in your ShipNerd dashboard. You will see an exception notice if additional information is required for clearance. Contact ShipNerd support if you need assistance. 

You can read all about TSCA here on the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. 

As the shipper, you are responsible for ensuring that all items within your shipment comply with applicable international treaties, laws, regulations, or requirements.