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How to prepare a pallet for shipping

It’s very important to package your goods for strength and protection both inside each box and on the pallet.

How to properly prepare palletized packages (Whew! – try saying that 3 times fast!) for an LTL shipment:

• Use pallets that are in good, sturdy condition and are of a standard size, like 48″ x 40″. 

• Start with properly packaging the contents of each box individually to protect the contents. 

• Place the heaviest boxes at the bottom and avoid leaving spaces and gaps. Do not allow merchandise to extend over or beyond the edge of the pallet. Overhanging merchandise can easily be damaged while in transit.

• Add a layer of corrugated cardboard between the layers of boxes. Do not let boxes hang over the edge of the layer below.

• Use corner beads to protect the edges and add stability.

• Wrap the entire shipment in 3-5 layers of quality shrink-wrap film. 

• Optional: Use straps to secure the load to the pallet to further prevent shifting.

• Place the label and any necessary customs documents (in an adhesive pouch) on the outside of the plastic wrap.