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What are accessorial fees when shipping LTL / Oversized Freight?

Some services performed by the freight carrier can result in additional fees on your freight bill.

Accessorial fees are charged by the carrier for services that go beyond a standard dock-to-dock pickup and delivery. Knowing what they are and when to expect (or avoid) them helps keep your shipping costs manageable. 

Residential Pickup: Carriers can charge an additional fee for residential pickups even if it is a business operating out of a residence or multi-use location. 

Inside Pickup*: Inside pickup is typically used for residential pickups, or a business with no loading dock, as LTL drivers will normally pull skids from the curb or the end of the dock onto the truck. 

Inside Delivery*:  Typically used for residential deliveries that require the driver to bring the shipment closer to the home, or commercial locations without a dock that require the driver to pull the shipment further than the curb. 

*Basically, if the freight must be moved by the carrier to or from a location not immediately adjacent to the vehicle, there will likely be an additional fee for this service. 

Liftgate Required: If the pickup or delivery address does not have a standard shipping dock where the truck can back up to it, a liftgate is required. It is essentially a freight elevator on the back of the trailer that lifts or lowers the freight to and from ground level. 

Limited Access: Locations requiring additional time and/or effort on the carriers part may incur this fee for a number of reasons. 

It’s recommended to communicate with the location prior to arranging the shipment to confirm exactly what will be required to perform the shipping service. 

  • Is the location closed to to “walk-in” traffic during normal business hours (such as a school) or require security clearance or inspection? 
  • Is the location remote or physically difficult to access with a full-size truck and trailer? Google maps can be helpful in determining accessibility.
  • Is there personnel readily available to assist with handling the freight?
  • Is there a shipping dock? Are there limited shipping/receiving hours or appointments required?

Locations commonly categorized as “Limited Access” can include the following but may vary by carrier:

  • Construction Site
  • Fair
  • Farm 
  • Mall
  • Mini Storage Unit 
  • Place Of Worship
  • School
  • Secured Location