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Etsy Integration

Integrating your online Etsy store with ShipNerd is fast and easy to do.

Our powerful shipping dashboard allows you to create shipping labels, track & manage your shipments, create return labels — all with real-time visibility. 

• Discounted Courier Shipping Rates 

• Shipping Automation

• Easy Order Management

• Schedule Pickups

• Address Validation 

1). Log-in to your ShipNerd account or sign up for free.

2). Select “Integrations” from the main menu. 

3). Click the “ADD INTEGRATION” button. 

4). Click the Etsy button to add that shop.

5. Enter the name of your Etsy shop and click “Install”. 

6). Click “Allow Access” to connect your Etsy shop to your ShipNerd account. 

ShipNerd / Etsy Orders Automatically Sync

Your store’s orders will sync automatically with your ShipNerd dashboard to automate label creation and fulfillment.