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Marketplace Fulfillment

Easily manage and fulfill your marketplace orders with ShipNerd.

Fulfilling an order means transmitting the tracking number and courier name to the respective marketplace and changing the order status to ‘shipped’. At this point, the marketplace will usually alert your customer (receiver) that a shipping label has been created for their order and they can expect their order to be shipped shortly.  

Once a shipping label is created for a marketplace order on ShipNerd, you will see a grey truck icon  in the “Actions” column within the “My Shipments” page. When pressing this icon, you can choose to either “Fulfill” the order, or “Partial Fulfill” the order (if the marketplace supports partial fulfillment). Fulfill means that the  marketplace order is shipped in full, and you will see that the truck icon will be fully green once pressed – indicating that the order is now Fulfilled. 

Partial Fulfill allows you to select specifically which products (and quantity) you are shipping if only shipping part of the order. Selecting Partial Fulfill will mark the order as Partially Fulfilled in the respective marketplace, and also advise your customer / receiver that only part of their order has shipped.  After partially fulfilling an order, the truck icon will be half green indicating that the order has not been shipped in full. Once you are ready to continue fulfilling your order (ie: more stock has arrived, and you can ship the balance of the order), you can simply click on the “Continue Fulfilling Shipment” icon in the “Actions” column, and  go through the fulfillment process. When creating multiple shipments for the same order (ie: multiple shipments created to fulfill a single marketplace order), ShipNerd will automatically group the shipments for you, so that you can easily reference all the shipments that were created for a single order.  

ShipNerd allows you to search for orders by their fulfillment status by using the filters within the “My Shipments” page. You can also search by order numbers to find all shipments created for that specific order, and which product(s) shipped within a specific shipment.