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Help! I think my package is lost.

If you think that your package has been lost or incorrectly delivered, we’ll happily assist in opening an investigation with the courier.

In order for ShipNerd to open an investigation, please send an email with the following information to [email protected] . Due to account confidentiality, all investigations must be initiated by the ShipNerd account holder. 

1) The tracking number – You have this in your “My Shipments” dashboard, in the email notification, or right on the label. Alternatively, you can provide us with the ShipNerd order number. 

2) A detailed description. Include the make or brand, model number, SKU, size and color. This is all typically found on the receipt or invoice. Providing a detailed description is very important! If the courier needs to conduct a physical search, a precise and detailed description is vital. In addition to the description, you can provide photos or screenshots in pdf, jpeg, png or doc formats.

3) Proof of the value of the missing item(s). A copy of the invoice/receipt or a screenshot of a Venmo payment, e-transfer, PayPal transaction, etc are all acceptable. (Must be in pdf, jpeg, png or doc formats).

Once the above information is received, ShipNerd will open an investigation with the courier. Lost package investigations typically take 7-10 business days but many are resolved sooner. We will keep you informed along the way should we receive any updates or notifications.

The courier will notify us once they conclude the investigation. If the package regrettably could not be located, we will proceed with filing a claim. Claims processing times vary.

When ShipNerd receives the claim resolution from the courier, you will be notified by email. Claim payments are credited in full to your ShipNerd account.  

Each shipment is automatically covered by the couriers for up to $100. If you purchased additional insurance for a higher amount, the ShipNerd support team will advise you on how to proceed with filing a claim with our insurance company.