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Help! My package arrived damaged.

Your shipment was damaged while in transit… now what? Don’t worry, ShipNerd has your back!

Let us know as soon as you’re aware of a problem and we’ll happily assist you with opening an investigation with the courier.  Due to account confidentiality, all claims need to be initiated by the ShipNerd account holder. 

IMPORTANT! Damage claims must be reported to the courier and filed within 60 days of the delivery date. 

In order for ShipNerd to file a claim with a courier, please send an email with the following information to [email protected] 

1) The tracking number – You have this in your “My Shipments” dashboard, in the email notifications, or right on the label.

2) A detailed description. Include the make or brand, model number, SKU, size and color. This is all typically found on the receipt or invoice. 

3) Proof of the value. Only items that are bought and sold are covered (not personal belongings) and proof of the value must be provided. A copy of the invoice/receipt or a screenshot of a Venmo payment, e-transfer, PayPal transaction, etc are all acceptable. (Must be in pdf, jpeg, png or doc formats).

4) Photo evidence of the damage and proper packaging. The burden of proof falls on the shipper to show that the item was properly packaged. It is *VERY* important to retain all packaging and cushioning material as couriers may choose to inspect the packaging. Should the packaging or cushioning material not be available, the couriers can choose to deny the claim.

It is highly recommended to take the following photos immediately upon receipt of a damaged package. Claims can be denied or processing delayed if the required photo evidence isn’t provided.

  • Damaged merchandise inside the box displayed as it arrived to you.
  • Packaging material used (bubble wrap, styrofoam, etc.)
  • Damaged item outside of the box.
  • A close-up of the shipping label on the box with tracking number visible.
  • Two different angles of the outside of the box. One showing the top and 2 sides and another showing the bottom and opposite two side. 
  • Box Manufacturer’s Certificate (the stamp on the bottom of the box showing it strength limits)

Once the above information is received, ShipNerd will submit a claim with the courier. Claims processing times vary. We will keep you informed along the way should we receive any updates or notifications.

When ShipNerd receives the claim resolution from the courier, you will be notified by email. Claim payments are credited in full to your ShipNerd account. 

Each shipment is automatically covered by the couriers for up to $100 but restrictions apply. Please see the respective couriers Terms of Service for their full coverage information.

If you insured the shipment for a higher amount,  ShipNerd’s support team will advise you on how to proceed with filing a claim directly with our insurance company.