ShipNerd Videos

We’ve prepared these videos to help demonstrate some of the benefits and features of using ShipNerd for all your shipping needs. From low-cost, fast to to hyper-speed delivery of documents and envelopes, packages up to 150 lbs, and LTL Freight shipping for larger / heavier shipments — and all at discount rates!

Marketplace Integration Video

Integrated shipping dashboard brings together all your shipping orders from all your marketplaces including documents, envelopes, packages and palletized LTL Freight!

Shopify Marketplace Integration Video

ShipNerd integrates with Shopify and other marketplaces in one convenient shipping dashboard.

How to import a CSV file into ShipNerd

Bring in all your data with a few clicks!

How to use our saved packages book

If you have common packages you send, save them in your Packages Book and use it again with one click!

Filter and Find Tools to Help Manage your Shipping Dashboard

The ShipNerd Dashboard is a powerful set of shipping shipping tools, see how Filter and Find make it easy to navigate even when you have hundreds of open orders or thousands of saved ones.

Shopify Integration

This video demonstrates how ShipNerd’s Shopify integration function. Add your Shopify store to ShipNerd to automate the shipping and fulfillment process, and get aggressive shipping discounts – all for free (no subscription needed).

How To Use ShipNerd Batch Shipping Tools

This video shows how to use our batch edit tools to make shipping even more quick an easy. Our batch edit tools allow users to work on multiple orders at once, to batch edit and print multiple courier shipping labels at once. These shipping tools are quite powerful, so please be careful when using them.

How to Schedule a Courier Pickup

This video shows how to schedule a pickup on ShipNerd. ShipNerd allows you to schedule pickups from alternate locations in addition to your default shipping address. This video will demonstrate the process of completely a courier pickups. Please note, when scheduling a pickup, the times specified are requests, and not appointments.

How To Fulfill and Partial Fulfill a Marketplace Order

This video shows how to fulfill and / or partially fulfill a market place order. Fulfilling a marketplace order transmitting the courier name and tracking number back to the marketplace, and changing the order status to shipped. Some marketplaces (such as Shopify) allow users to partially fulfill orders when only some items from the order are in stock. ShipNerd supports this feature, and allows users to create multiple shipping labels to fulfill a single order.

BigCommerce Marketplace Integration Video

This is ShipNerd’s integration video for BigCommerce.