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Can I ship Multi-Piece shipments on ShipNerd?

Multi-piece shipments are shipments that contain more then 1 box. Shipments that contain more then 1 box, require each box to have it’s own unique shipping label and tracking number. You cannot simply print up 2 copies of the shipping label generated on ShipNerd, and place a copy on each box.

Once you’ve added in the weight and dimensions for the first package click on “Add Package” to add the package to the shipment. At this point you can add in the weights and dimensions for the additional package in the shipment remembering to click on “Add Package” every time you want to add a package. Once you’ve finished adding all the packages to your shipment you can click on “Continue” to get your shipping rates. You’ll also see a visual indicator next to the “Continue” button showing how many packages are in the shipment. In the example above, 2 packages have been added to the shipment, meaning that the rate you’ll see will be for a two pacakge shipment.

Each shipping label will have it’s own unique tracking number meaning that you can easily track each box. The main shipping label will also list how many total packages in the shipment ie: “Label 1 of 2” so that both you, and the courier clearly know how many packages are in the shipment.