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How To Prepare a Tire & Wheel / Rim Combination for Shipping:

Here are ShipNerd’s recommendations for how to prepare a tire/wheel combination for shipping. Protect your investment and take the extra steps to properly secure and package your items for shipping. Remember, packaging is used to protect your wheels / rims and tires while in transit, so take time to ensure everything is safe for transit.

The items you’ll need to prepare your shipment can easily be found at retailers like Home Depot, U-Haul or Amazon. You just might find everything you need already in your garage!

Shopping list:

Corrugated cardboard – Recycle boxes you may already have on hand or purchase new. Use thick, sturdy pieces. 

Foam padding – This is often available in rolls. You’ll want this to create extra padding and cushion between the wheel face and the cardboard.

Stretch Film/Wrap – There are stretch wraps made specifically for shipping purposes but standard household “cling wrap” will work. 

Packing Tape and a Utility Blade (box cutter) – Make sure it’s sharp!

Measure carefully using the guide below.