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What is dimensional / billable weight?

Dimensional weight is calculated using the length (L), width (W), & height (H) of your package. We feed this information to the couriers and they provide a dimensional weight based on the information you provide. Couriers charge on the greater between “actual” weight and “dimensional” weight — the greater of the two being the “billable” weight.

Using accurate weights and dimensions ensures an accurate quote from ShipNerd. Once your package is with the courier, they will measure and weigh your package and invoice us accordingly. If your package weights and dimensions are 100% correct then you’re good. If there is a slight variance, you may see a billing adjustment on your invoice with a clear explanation of why there was an adjustment. ShipNerd uses the courier audited dimensions and weight for billing.  

Nerd Alert! Measure at the widest points and always round up!