Freight Class & Shipping Codes


LTL freight classifications for Chemical include: Products of the Chemical or Allied Industries

Select a subcategory below to find the HS, Schedule-B, NAICS, NMFC©, SIC, End Use, USDA, HTS Tariff and other freight, commodity and industry specific classification and coding.

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28 Inorganic Chemicals; Organic or Inorganic Compounds of Precious Metals, of Rare-Earth Metals, of Radioactive Elements or of Isotopes
29 Organic Chemicals
30 Pharmaceutical Products
31 Fertilizers
32 Tanning or Dyeing Extracts; Tannins and Their Derivatives; Dyes, Pigments and Other Coloring Matter; Paints and Varnishes; Putty and Other Mastics; Inks
33 Essential Oils and Resinoids; Perfumery, Cosmetic or Toilet Preparations
34 Soap, Organic Surface-active Agents, Washing Preparations, Lubricating Preparations, Artificial Waxes, Prepared Waxes, Polishing or Scouring Preparations, Candles and Similar Articles, Modeling Pastes, Dental Waxes and Dental Preparations with a Basis of P
35 Albuminoidal Substances; Modified Starches; Glues; Enzymes
36 Explosives; Pyrotechnic Products; Matches; Pyrophoric Alloys; Certain Combustible Preparations
37 Photographic or Cinematographic Goods
38 Miscellaneous Chemical Products