Freight Classes & Shipping Codes

Explosives; Pyrotechnic Products; Matches; Pyrophoric Alloys; Certain Combustible Preparations

Select the heading below that best describes what type of Chemical product is being shipped.

Note: Chemical shipments under 150 lbs. may be shipped as parcels by common carrier such as UPS, Canpar Express and FedEx Express (over 150 lbs. use ShipNerd LTL Freight service).

3601Propellent powders.
3602Prepared explosives, other than propellent powders.
3603Safety fuses; detonating fuses; percussion or detonating caps; igniters; electric detonators.
3604Fireworks, signalling flares, rain rockets, fog signals and other pyrotechnic articles.
3605Matches, other than pyrotechnic articles of heading 36.04.
3606Ferrocerium and other pyrophoric alloys in all forms; articles of combustible materials as specified in Note 2 to this Chapter.