Freight Classes & Shipping Codes

Other vegetables, fresh or chilled. (Other)

Items listed under “Other vegetables, fresh or chilled. (Other)” fall under HS# 070999, but may have different Schedule-B and HTS Tariff/Duty rates and restriction depending on statistical classification.

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0709.99.05.00 jicamas and breadfruit, fresh or chilled
0709.99.10.00 chayote (sechium edule), fresh or chilled
0709.99.14.00 okra, fresh or chilled
0709.99.30.00 fiddlehead greens, fresh or chilled
0709.99.45.00 sweet corn, fresh or chilled
0709.99.90.10 cilantro, fresh or chilled
0709.99.90.30 other vegetables, cactus leaves, fresh or chilled, nesoi
0709.99.90.80 vegetables, fresh or chilled, nesoi